2014 Cyber Week Shipments Doubled Versus 2012: Canada Post

December 15, 2014 Ben Myers

Canada Post eCommerce Shipping

Canadian confidence in e-commerce continues to grow in leaps and bounds, according to new statistics released by Canada Post following the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Canadian consumers are also becoming more aware of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and delaying their purchases until they go on sale. According to a release from Canada Post, parcel delivery orders jumped 59 per cent during the week of Black Friday/Cyber Monday compared to the previous week.

“It appears many consumers delayed their holiday purchases in anticipation of retail discounts and promotions,” says Rod Hart, General Manager, Parcels and E-commerce Market Development. “Compared to just two years ago, Canadian retailers have established a stronger online presence and offering for Canadian consumers. And the resulting parcel orders speak volumes.”

The release also offered some insight into what areas of retail shipments are growing and which are shrinking. Unsurprisingly, books, music and movies are becoming less common in the mail. Fashion and electronics are on the rise.

Consumer electronics continue to be a popular category for Cyber Week shoppers. Compared to the week before, consumer electronics parcel delivery jumped threefold. Overall, mass merchant retailers and fashion online retailers represent almost 50 per cent of e-commerce shipments at Canada Post. During Cyber Week, parcel volumes resulting from online orders with fashion retailers and mass merchants increased by 37 and 35 per cent over last year, while books, music and videos suffered a 16-per-cent decline.

The results from the larger holiday shopping season should be equally interesting when they’re released in January.

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