3 Easy Ways To Optimize Landing Page Conversion

September 24, 2014 Val Zamulin

There is no clear-cut formula for a perfect layout for conversion optimization, since there are so many different things working for different kinds of businesses from a local brick and mortar type to a digital storefront with tens of thousands of SKU’s and omnichannel experience. The general consensus is to combine commonly established best practices with the analysis of user experience in your site, and nice new features that you find in the websites of your best performing global competitors.

In this article, based on my own experience as an SEO, media buyer and an ROI analyst I’ll try to outline 3 most common mistakes that owners of service and brick and mortar types of businesses seem to make these days.

Get Your Ego Out of the Picture

Do NOT focus on how great you are, but rather on how you can help the visitor fix his own problem. Believe it or not, a guy with a basement leak doesn’t really want to know how many great plumbing projects you’ve done to date, how many service trucks your have, that you fix frozen pipes, install backwater valve, clean hydro jets or have the staff of 25 people. He won’t know the difference between hydro jetting and pipe lining. He wants to know how quickly you can fix his basement emergency and how much it’ll cost. You know you can deliver but do not let this cloud your judgment, get your ego out of the way and tell this guy exactly what he wants.

All Your Contact Methods Are Created Equal

Make every possible contact method equally available. People are different by nature and so will be the ways in which they’ll prefer to get in touch with you. You don’t really want to let you co-workers know about a rat infestation in your backyard, so if the phone number is the only option you give on your website or make it more clearly visible than others, chances are this business will go to a competitor. Older generation would rather talk to someone about a car insurance quote on the phone than fill out a 7 step online inquiry. And techies almost always want live chat, so why not give it to them! Make sure all of the contact methods are available, clear and visible.

Make Sure Your Contact Methods are Mobile Friendly

A very common mistake these days. Your design may be responsive and mobile friendly but if your contact methods are an infinite scroll away you’re likely losing up to a third of potential conversions. Your phone number must be quick to find and clickable, and the contact form must not collapse the screen. Easy to do these days with all the mobile design plugins, but, quite unbelievably, just as easy to find on many service websites. Double check how your conversion methods look and work on all major mobile platforms before sending that cheque to your website designer.

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