Amazon Prime Day: Proof Even the Big Guys Can Mess Up

July 22, 2015 Jessica Thiele

Plenty of people worship Amazon, and with good reason. Amazon essentially started the ecommerce movement way back in 1994, and it’s been revolutionizing the way people shop online ever since. Amazon’s recommendation secret is the predictive customer experience that smaller etailers can only dream of, for example. But even the big guys are prone to slip up every now and then. Point: Amazon Prime Day.

If you’re tuned into the internet’s funnier corners like I am, you’ll already know that Amazon Prime Day was a bit of a – well, dud. Amazon hyped Prime Day as “bigger than boxing day” in terms of the sales that would be held online, yet what consumers encountered were amazing… $0.10 discounts off Sony PlayStation 4 Consoles??

So the deals fell flat (to say the least), and the internet was not amused. And in this day and age where the company-to-consumer flow goes both ways, the internet pushed back. From blogs to Tweets to news articles, oh did the internet push back. Here are a couple great memes that are now making their way around the web, never to die (because things on the ‘net don’t really ever die, now do they?):





So what can we learn from #PrimeDayFails?

First: no one, not even one of the biggest ecommerce site out there, can be lax on managing and creating an enticing customer experience. Also, if you’re going to hype something up, you’d better deliver, otherwise your customers will share their dissatisfaction in places and in ways you won’t be able to control.

Even the big guys don’t have the ecommerce customer experience nailed.

Second: Even the big guys don’t have the ecommerce customer experience nailed. It’s a fluid concept that’s rapidly evolving as new technology, products, and ways to interact come onto the market.

Customer experience is something that all businesses need to manage constantly and improve over time.

And lastly: you are never too big for your britches, as the saying goes. Don’t get cocky, because the internet’s just waiting for the next thing they can laugh at.

Moral of the story is, even with this snafu, Amazon STILL sole 2-3x as much as they usually do on an average day in July.

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