Are You Prepared for the Holidays? Bronto’s October Checklist

September 23, 2015 Ben Myers

Black Friday, known otherwise this year as Nov. 27, isn’t just a great day for discounts both in-store and online. The name itself is a reminder that many retailers only begin to operate “in the black” toward the end of the year, thanks to popular, profitable retail events such as this one.

bronto holiday guide whitepaperWhile the average Canadian might bemoan the end of long summer days, with so much riding on end-of-year sales, you can hardly blame merchants for looking ahead and developing their winter strategy in October or even earlier.

And that’s exactly what Bronto Software has encouraged every online seller to do. Their 2015 Holiday Planning Guide offers a comprehensive list of tasks, organized by month, to help you prepare your holiday marketing in time for Thanksgiving (be that the Canadian or American version), the unofficial start of the holiday season.

Now that October is nearly upon us, Bronto recommends you get a head start on these tasks:

Create Your Emergency Contact List

Organize a reference list of everyone on your team and any vendors you might need to reach out to during the season. This will decrease panic in a crisis and help you resolve issues quickly.

Evaluate Your Content

Are your messages easy to read? Are your calls to action clear and inviting? Be sure that all of your content is free of errors and contains up-to-date information.

Test Your Emails

Know what your emails will look like when viewed across multiple devices and ISPs to make sure your potential customers can access your content. And don’t forget your landing pages. Click through from your emails to make sure the landing pages also perform as you intended.

Download the 2015 Holiday Planning Guide from Bronto’s Holiday Resource Center to see what other tasks you should have on your list.

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