Are You Ready For An Email Marketing Upgrade?

August 19, 2015 Dx3 Digest Contributor

Email marketing is an essential part of any ecommerce business. As your company grows, sales increase and new competitors enter the landscape making the need to for scalability, sophistication and timeliness all the more important from your marketing programs. Untargeted, batch-and-blast emails and newsletters with little data insight can be harmful to the bottom line and might even drive potential customers away.

Do all three statements below reflect truly on your email marketing efforts?

  • Our customers buy more because the massage they receive is personalized and relevant to them.
  • Our marketing automation requires fewer resources, limits mistakes and ensures timeliness.
  • Our ecommerce platform and email marketing platform operate as an ecosystem, not independent entities.
Bronto - 3 reasons to upgrade
Bronto’s 3 Reasons To Upgrade

If you’re feeling concerned – relax. Not everyone is able to confidently nod their head to these types of sophisticated statements. But every retail marketer should take the time to consider their revenue goals and whether they are being met by their current email marketing programs.

Are you able to track your revenue goals in your current platform?

Bronto has taken a look at some of these types of evaluation questions and consumer data to create “3 Reasons to Upgrade.” This whitepaper entails extensive research, years of email marketing experience and resource allocations and provides detail on the elements to consider when evaluating an upgrade decision of your email marketing platform.

Download the full 3 Reasons to Upgrade whitepaper and learn more about an email platform upgrade. Or take an evaluation to find out if an upgrade is something you should be considering for your business.


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