Art And Science Of Viral Content – Eric Harris in the AOL Conversation Studio

March 18, 2014 Ben Myers

How does Buzzfeed create content that reaches so many people? It’s no mystery – it’s an art and a science, according to Eric Harris, EVP of Business Operations at Buzzfeed.

First, they start with creating something that they know people will want to share, and then they analyse and refine their processes to improve their next article.

“You want to think, ‘How do you drive that emotional connection’, ‘How do you get people to want to share that content?’,” he said. “But there’s also the science of measuring it, iterating on it, trying different things and really experimenting.”

That’s how Buzzfeed learned that mobile sources of traffic are continuing to grow. Social media continues to be a growing source of traffic as their social strategies evolve.

But it all starts with content that people want to share. It’s no mystery.

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