Best of Dx3 Digest in 2016

January 10, 2017 Anum Rubec


There is so much that the Dx3 Digest covered in 2016 — from startup profiles, to future payments, virtual & augmented reality, marketing trends and commerce tips and tricks. Here are last year’s top 10 articles that got the most traction from our readers!

10. Getting Digital with: Farside (by Devon Burke)

East Chinatown’s newest hotspot Farside is the latest venture from industry vets Rachel Conduit and Mike Reynolds, the couple behind Kensington’s Handlebar. Find out how the bar got started and what they’ve been doing to get people to come.

9. Disrupting the Traditional 9-to-5: The Freelance Economy (by Victoria Stacey)

With over 35% of the US workforce considered a part of the ‘gig’ economy, and over 2.8 million self-employed people in Canada, the way individuals work is changing, rapidly.


8. Influencer Marketing: Ethics, Actions and the Future (by James Rubec)

Insights from three influencer marketing leaders (#PAID, Rizer Social, IZEA) on how Mode Media‘s collapse affected the industry.

7. PayPal Startup Zone Winners Granify & Sampler Show Smarter Ways To Connect With Consumers Online (by Ben Myers)

The PayPal Startup Zone at Dx3 2016 brought together 25 startups from across the country who demonstrated their technology and ideas on the show floor. Two winners were selected from the pitch-off competition.

6. BNOTIONS Announces Rebrand To Symbility INTERSECT (by Ben Myers)

Last summer, mobile strategy agency BNOTIONS announced it will now be known as Symbility INTERSECT. Paul Crowe, CEO of Symbility INTERSECT, explains the reasons for the rebrand.

5. ClearPier CEO on Data and Innovation in Canadian Digital Advertising (by Jenny Duong)

Four years since its founding in 2012, ClearPier has become one of Canada’s leading premium marketplaces and boasts an impressive 2.3 billion exclusive monthly impressions.

4. Wealthsimple Adds Socially Responsible Investing Portfolio Option (by Ben Myers)

Through Wealthsimple, clients can invest their money in companies involved in cleantech or have lower carbon emissions than similar companies, among other options. Find out how!

3. Startup at a Glance: foodora (by Reilly Stephens)

We introduced a new monthly series, Startup at a Glance, where we chat with companies that attended Dx3 in the past and find out what they’ve been up to since! We interviewed foodora‘s Managing Director, David Albert. Check out the Q&A.


2. The Internet of Things Enters The Mall: How the Mall App Can Be Done Right (by Jessica Thiele)

There are two key items that make a long-lasting impression with your audience. Find out what they are and how Bramalea City Centre’s app achieved both successfully.

1. The Food Wars: Toronto’s Hurrier Re-brands As Foodora (by Phil Smalley)

foodora acquired Hurrier last summer and is keen to enter the fiercely competitive local food delivery service market with hopes to bring the strengths of its logistics systems, and its flat delivery fee to this developing urban battle zone.

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