Brands’ Real Competition Is Consumers – Ron Tite in the AOL Conversation Studio

September 23, 2014 Ben Myers

How are consumers beating brands to the hearts and minds of their audience? Ron Tite, CEO of The Tite Group has the answer.

“They don’t have to go to legal, and they don’t have to sell it up the food chain; they don’t have to get budget – they can just do it,” he says.

The freedom to simply take a video and put it on Youtube or Instagram is a freedom that brands don’t usually enjoy. Regular folks have access to low-cost cameras that can produce good (or good-enough) quality footage and social media gives everything the potential to go viral.

Tite says consumers are “more nimble, more authentic, [and] more connected” than your average brand, despite their non-existent budgets.

The only solution is to become more like the Average Joe, and have some personality, spontaneity and freedom.

“[Brand] can’t put that bland corporate face on that has no personality,” Tite says.

Watch more AOL Conversation Studio videos at The Huffington Post.

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