Can You Watch The Blue Jays Games On Periscope? Heck Yes!

October 9, 2015 Ben Myers


The Toronto economy is crumbling because of the Blue Jays. Major League Baseball has put the games right in the middle of the day and Torontonians need a way to follow along while getting a few things done at work. Periscope-heck-yes2Enter Periscope. During the hugely hyped Mayweather - Pacquiao fight, the live-streaming video platform had a strange coming-out party as an alternative way for cheapskates to watch boxing without pay-per-view access. So can you watch Blue Jays games on Periscope? Heck yeah you can! (Legal disclaimer: MLB says it doesn't care, so...) Right now, I've got the best seats in the house thanks to a Jays fan at Rogers Centre who is performing the public service of pointing his phone at the field rather than enjoying the game he paid so much money for. So is watching the game on Periscope any good? Of course not! I just watched a dramatic slide into home plate for the Rangers' third run of the game without being able to see who it was or where the ball is. A bald guy just walked in front of the camera and disrupted my viewing experience. It's just like being at the game! Unlike the Mayweather - Pacquiao fight, this is not exactly a phenomena - there doesn't seem to be too many people willing to hold their phone up rather than clap for an entire game. Pointing a camera at a TV would be a great option too, but there seems to be even fewer people willing to pass on the fruits of their cable subscription, other than the Texan who supplied the featured screenshot.

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