Comment on Opinion: Canada Post Community Mailboxes Better Serve eCommerce Industry by Vera

March 2, 2014 Vera

I currently work at home and get parcels almost every single day. I am surrounded by seniors, many of whom don’t drive anymore who also do online shopping – yes they actually do know how to do that. With these boxes you have a 50/50 chance of your parcel being sent to a store for pickup as they won’t fit 20 parcels a day into 2 slots. This is a 25 minutes walk away for me, a fit person. I wear Yak Trax in the winter because the area here is unwalkable in the winter. These seniors will all have to pay for a taxi to go get their parcels. So I would suggest that they all use only UPS or Fedex to make sure they get the home delivery.

There are no mail forwarding services yet in Canada that I can suggest to them, these are people who are willing to pay say $30 to $50 a month for home delivery. Deepak refuses to allow that option instead wanting to treat seniors as infants who need helpers to go out on their behalf. Everyone should be allowed to pay for home delivery and Canada Post could make a profit. I don’t understand this pigheadedness. Any other business would let you pay for door to door service.

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