Community Managers Get Shit Done Part 2 of 300

April 23, 2014 Ben Myers

Blue Community Managers Get Shit Done

If you glance across your office, you might see your company’s Community Manager tapping away at their keyboard.

Maybe they’re writing a new blog post, posting an item on Facebook, or perhaps they’re shopping for sweet new socks. It looks like they’re not doing much, but Community Managers have more customer interactions in an hour than most other employees have in a day.

Scott McCreight, Social Marketing Coordinator at Bell Media for the Bravo, Comedy, and Space television channels, describes how they promoted the Bitten season premiere through social media interactions.

Empowering your social community to become brand ambassadors is an important tool in social campaigns. For Space, we are lucky to have a loyal fan base that can amplify our messages for us, but with the launch of our original series Bitten, we had a unique opportunity to leverage a pre-exisiting fan base of the Kelley Armstrong book series from which the series was adapted.

Leading up to the premiere outreach to existing and growing fan bases was high on our priority list. We created Facebook cover images (seen below) that were first seeded out to key fan pages and influencers to use on their pages.


Throughout the campaign interaction between the community and our brand was kept active with weekly live tweets during episodes where key quotes from episodes were shared on social:


Encouraging fan engagement by allowing them to “unlock” advanced exclusive content by interacting with our tweets was a key strategy:

Space Channel Tweet

Lastly, capitilizing on holidays or timely events by sharing Valentine’s cards featuring the key cast of the series added another layer of branded content to our campaign.


Amplify your messages by providing communities with original, exclusive, branded content that they can then in turn share with their communities.

Community Management Conference CM1 is May 22, 2014 in Toronto.


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