Community Managers Get Shit Done Part 4 of 300

April 28, 2014 Ben Myers

Blue Community Managers Get Shit Done

Liking photos on Instagram can’t be a profession, right? Well Community Managers build audiences for brands one interaction at a time. They help customers with their problems, and nurture fandom one interaction at a time.

Just saw a man with a Mike Tyson face tattoo so this weekend is pretty much the best already.

— Danielle O’Hanley (@dohanley) April 19, 2014

Danielle O’Hanley is Social Marketing Coordinator at Bell Media. She writes about how making a difference for one follower can cause a chain reaction and get new followers involved.

Building an engaged community often involves a lot of chatting with your followers, finding cool trivia to post, and rewarding your fans. Sometimes, that means going the extra mile to surprise them.

Last year, one of our followers on Twitter tweeted us that he’d just broken the handle on his favourite Game of Thrones coffee mug. He tweeted us a tragic-looking photograph of the carnage, and mentioned that as a freelance writer, his morning coffee was a key part of his day.


@TheMovieNetwork #pictureiscoming #winteriscoming

— Jonathan Standring (@SWOLGAMER) February 3, 2014


We’d just gotten some new mugs in the office to promote the launch of our TMN GO streaming platform, so we tweeted him a photo of one of them and had it couriered to him the next day. He was happy and back to writing quickly.
He’s since inspired many mug giveaways, because we truly believe everyone deserves a good cup to put their coffee in.

Community Management Conference CM1 is May 22, 2014 in Toronto.


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