Creators Breakfast Series Gathers Creative Women

October 7, 2015 Dx3 Digest Contributor

By Reilly Stephens

One of the most effective ways to feel inspired is to connect with awesome people, doing cool things. Which is why I’ve put together a group of powerhouse 20-something women, working in tech, marketing, music, tech and film to come together monthly for a breakfast series, The Creators Breakfast.

We can draw from one another’s stories in both our personal and professional careers.

TCB was born out of desire to find an event or meetup where I felt I belonged. I recognized that there were an overwhelming amount of events happening all the time, but either too general or very industry specific. After tirelessly searching for the right one, I set out find like minded young women working in fast-paced jobs, who were brimming with creativity and making shit happen. My hope for TCB series is simple: to inspire ideas and allow networking to happen across creative industries, in hopes that we can draw from one another’s stories in both our personal and professional careers.

The Creators Breakfast launches October 7, 2015 in Toronto.

Are you interested in joining us? Requests can be made to

Plus include your name, current position + company and any personal growth/side projects you are working on.

All other inquires can be made to:
Reilly Stephens

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