Future In Store #6 – Republic Spaces Finds Pop-up Spaces

January 14, 2014 Ben Myers

The most recent episode of The Future In Store is notable because it illustrates the wide impact that digital retail is having on other aspects of business.

Republic Spaces – featured toward the end of the video – is particularly interesting because it attempts to connect short-term commercial real estate with potential pop-up retailers. Pop-up stores continue to grow in popularity as online retailers aim to increase their presence in common retail locations, and a tool like this should make them even easier to launch.

Also featured in this episode:

Padagonia – Worn Wear campaign encourages customers to patch up their clothes and equipment rather than buy new items. A movie was shown in stores as part of the campaign.

Shoppa – Pays social media influencers to recommend products online in an affiliate-like system. Doug Stephen calls it “social bribery.”

Rebecca Minkoff – This mall-based digital storefront allows a customer to select items and  checkout using Paypal. Can you imagine going to the mall to shop without stepping foot in a store?

ByteLight – Lightfield communication (LFC). Uses LED lights to communicate information about your location in-store to your mobile device.

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