Game Of Thrones Ads Go Online And Off For Worldwide Audience

April 7, 2014 Ben Myers


Game Of Thrones seems to be an obsession that spans nations. With its fourth season premiere last night, HBO and its regional affiliates pulled out all the stops in their promotion of the big-budget series. The breadth of online and real-world interaction needed for world-wide promotion of a hit show is startling.

Game Of Thrones Conquer The North

Game Of Thrones Conquer The North Screenshot

HBO Canada went interactive with an augmented reality app that interacts with 300 bus stop ads in Toronto. The Conquer The North app offers the satisfaction of claiming areas of Hogtown for your favourite house and unlocking exclusive video content.

“Our overall strategy was to market the premiere of Game Of Thrones Season 4 to the level of a massive theatrical release,” said Jon Arklay, Senior Vice-President, Bell Media Agency, Brand, Creative and Marketing in a press release.

New Zealand certainly took that enthusiasm to another level with its Bring Down The King installation in Aukland. Tweets using #bringdowntheking were used to bring a statue of Joffrey Baratheon in the city center was closer to its inevitable toppling, reminiscent of the Sadam Hussein statue’s symbolic downfall in Iraq in 2003.

Audience numbers for the premiere of Season 4 of Game Of Thrones have not yet been released, but it’s safe to expect an even greater number than the 14.3 million worldwide Season 3 average, considering its 20% audience increase compared to Season 2.

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