HIGHLINE Brings West Coast Startups To Toronto For Dx3

March 5, 2015 Ben Myers

highline startup zone

Ask any entrepreneur, pitching any idea for a new company or service is equal parts art and science. You only have a short time to convey the scope of the idea, why it’s right for the customer, and how it will work. You also need to be pitching to the right people.

At Dx3 2015 on March 11 – 12, the HIGHLINE Startup Zone will feature several companies honing their pitches in an fast-paced environment full of potential customers and partners in the digital marketing, advertising and retail industries.

Marcus Daniels, CEO at  HIGHLINE, is bringing along some very new additions to its Toronto office for the experience. HIGHLINE is the product of an August 2014 merger between Vancouver-based Growlab and Toronto’s Extreme Startups.

Marcus Daniels, CEO of HIGHLINE

Marcus Daniels, CEO of HIGHLINE

“Now, being a national platform, these companies aren’t just coming from Toronto, we’ve got companies coming from out west for this,” Daniels says. “They’re literally moving into our office the day before Dx3.”

The cool March weather may be a startling turn for some of the Vancouver-based startups, but pitching for customers should be familiar for eight all the startups involved.

“They have enough money invested from us to move more aggressively, and what they need to do is grow and what that means is adding customers and strategic partners,” Daniels says.

The startups, including Candid, Control and Pressboard, will meet more than 4,000 potential customers face-to-face and perhaps hundreds of potential partners in the digital marketing, advertising and retail industry.

“This is a customer/client kind of pitch, which is certainly a different perspective and also very meaningful to them because they’re looking to grow,” Daniels says.

While some founders prefer to let their websites do the selling for them, Dx3 offers a unique opportunity to meet several founders of up-and-coming digital companies face-to-face. And, according to Marcus, there’s no better way to learn about a startup than to meet the people behind it.

“If you really want to understand what we’re doing, you should come down to Dx3 and meet some of the founders.”

highline_redblackThe HIGHLINE Startup Zone will feature several  companies that are working to change the direction of their respective industries.

Candid – Revolutionizing e-commerce and the relationship between people and brands through user-generated media. Candid helps you celebrate your customers and inspire browsers to buy through a complete social media marketing suite built around shoppable photos, rights management and analytics. Learn more about Candid.

Control – Control provides businesses that accept payments online with real-time revenue reporting and the ability to respond to time sensitive transaction events from  any device. Control is payment platform agnostic, securely connecting to your payment providers and consolidating transactional data and events. Learn more about Control.

Hurrier – Hurrier unlocks your neighbourhood. We’re the easiest way to shop from local retailers on-line and have anything delivered within an hour. We crowdsource everyday people (students, actors) and turn them into bike and car delivery people. Learn more about Hurrier.

Lighthouse Labs – Lighthouse Labs is Canada’s developer bootcamp. They teach people to learn to code in 8 weeks, and do it in a way that truly prepares students for amazing careers. Learn more about Lighthouse Labs.

Payso – Payso makes sending money to friends as easy as sending a text from your phone. Forget cash and cheques – Payso is pioneering social, free and mobile payments in Canada. Learn more about Payso.

Pressboard – Pressboard is a Story Marketplace. We love stories. Our platform connects brands to influential publishers around content, instead of ads. Search our database for upcoming editorial stories from websites, online magazines and blogs and easily sponsor and integrate your brand into those stories, before they go live. Learn more about Pressboard.

Social Nature – Social Nature is a social product sampling community that helps people try natural. We help natural and organic brands launch new products by offering free trials in return for social reviews.

Discover Media House – Discover Media House is the world’s first online marketplace for the entire advertising industry. By automating the buying and planning of not only online media but also traditional/offline media, DMH is the one-stop-shop for advertisers who are looking for time and money savings as well as a crystal clear view of every media option available. Learn more about Discover Media House.

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