Ikea Lint Rollers At Raptors Game Is Perfect Cheap, Novel Promo

April 30, 2014 Ben Myers


We live in a weird time.

Toronto’s favourite son and Raptors Global Brand Ambassador Drake whipped out a lint roller and gingerly applied it to his pants while sitting court-side at Game 2 of the team’s playoff series versus the Brooklyn Nets on April 22.

This seemingly innocuous, though incongruent, act would spawn numerous internet memes and a tepid acknowledgement from Drizzy himself (via Instagram).

But we live in a weird time. So along comes a brand to take up the torch and exploit a moment of televised weirdness.

No lint in our house! We’re giving out IKEA lint rollers before tonight’s game. Details to come. Go T.O. #WeTheNorth pic.twitter.com/zbw78amwFO

— IKEA Canada (@IKEACanada) April 30, 2014

People love it.

@IKEACanada IKEA does it again! #WeTheNorth

— Ross Taylor (@TheRossTaylor) April 30, 2014

Someone inside Ikea must believe that the social media reverberation of such a promotion is worth the organizational and material cost of handing out the lint rollers in downtown Toronto during Game 5 tonight.

I’m writing about it.

I’ll spare you the rant about the brave new world of real-time marketing (does this even fit the description with a week-long delay?) and just leave you with this:

We live in a weird time, and Ikea is going to take advantage of it.

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