Innovation In Canadian Grocery – Jason Dubroy in the AOL Conversation Studio

December 11, 2014 Ben Myers

Jason Dubroy, managing director and VP of Shopper DDB, is dropping some truth bombs on the Canadian grocery industry.

“The Canadian grocery market has really only embraced digital in 2013,” he says. We’re lagging behind Europe and other areas in big data, mobile apps, and integrating the retailer’s digital with brands.

The reasons behind Canadian grocers’ lack of progress on these fronts is retail consolidation and razor-thin margins.

“There’s a lot of retail consolidation in Canada, so there’s a real trepidation to do anything risky,” he says. When one brave organization proves the value of an initiative, then the others tend to get involved by investing their own resources in something similar.

Watch more AOL Conversation Studio videos at The Huffington Post.

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