Loblaws Online Grocery Service Click & Collect First Look

September 16, 2014 Ben Myers
The Loblaws click and collect station.

The Loblaws click and collect station at Richmond Hill.

Back in May, Loblaws announced its intentions to launch an online grocery service where customers could drive in to the store and pick up their order. It looks like those plans are beginning to take physical shape.

Based on some e-commerce job descriptions, it looks like this is the Richmond Hill Loblaws. It sounds like the Personal Shopper will be your avatar, navigating the aisles of the store and filling up your shopping cart.

“As a Personal Shopper, you will fulfill customers’ online grocery orders by shopping in-store with the care and attention as though you were shopping for your own groceries, ensuring product is chosen quickly and accurately. You will further enhance the customer experience by providing carry-out service for our Click & Collect customers. Stay tuned, postings coming soon!”

The job description page also states some of the ambition that Loblaws has for e-commerce and click and collect.

“Call it epic and ground breaking, but we see ‘Click & Collect’ as defining a new way to serve our customers.”

Of course, in the United States (particularly in New York and San Francisco) click and collect and grocery home delivery has already broken ground with Amazon and others.

Still, this is a major step forward for Canadian e-commerce.

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