Mike Serbinis’ League Launches Personal Health Platform

May 25, 2015 Ben Myers

Since speaking at Dx3 2015 in March, Mike Serbinis has been hard at work on LEAGUE, the personal health platform that promises to “accelerate the world’s transition to a health system of the future.” Today, LEAGUE has been unveiled to the general public.

In the launch video, a woman wears an Apple Watch for health-tracking purposes and gets advice on nutrition, exercise and discovering health services.

The service is described as a league of professionals that want to help people achieve health goals.

Toronto, Canada – May 25, 2015 - LEAGUE INC., a new personal health platform, today announced its launch in Canada. Attracting top preventative health professionals, LEAGUE gives health-conscious consumers the ability to transform their personal health and wellness journey. People now have a dedicated platform to access the top preventative health professionals in their neighborhood, while benefiting from the convenience of mobile scheduling, payments and invoices. With LEAGUE, professionals and members stay connected with secure, private messaging, and share their expertise and experiences in the LEAGUE community. Available on the web at JoinLEAGUE.com, and for download at the App Store on iTunes and Google Play Store, the dedicated platform is the single destination for people to stay healthy – every day.

“Our goal is to fundamentally change how people think about health,” said Michael Serbinis, CEO and Founder, LEAGUE. “We envision a future where health will be highly personalized and ‘always-on’, focused on prevention – helping you live well every day.  Our mission is to empower people to act everyday, by connecting with the health professionals, services, and care that is right for them.”

League app screen shot“In order for us to improve our health and the overall system, a major shift in thinking is needed,” said Dr. Elaine Chin, Personalized Medicine Physician, Founder, Executive Health Centre. “We need to rally the silent majority of preventative healthcare professionals onto a platform where consumers can work with them to fundamentally transform how they manage and improve their health and wellbeing. LEAGUE will be this catalyst for change.”

LEAGUE-approved professionals offer a broad spectrum of preventative health and wellness services including nutrition, acupuncture, massage therapy, personal training, physiotherapy, diabetes screening, chiropractic medicine, mental health services, meditation and integrative medicine.  Health professionals can join now atJoinLEAGUE.com/sign-up.  Services can be discovered and booked in mere seconds, while payments and invoicing are seamlessly automated in a mobile experience.

Far beyond discovery and booking services, LEAGUE’s personal health platform offers people a way to stay connected and engaged with their professionals with secure 1:1 messaging, personal health data sharing, and an engaging community where health-focused information can be shared and discussed. LEAGUE users will be able to track their services and create a personal health record that incorporates biometrics, wearable and app data, and share it with their professionals who can provide meaningful, actionable insights based on LEAGUE’s data-rich platform.

“With LEAGUE I have rapidly grown my business while delivering a better client experience,” said Nathalie Niddam, Holistic Nutritionist and LEAGUE PRO. “LEAGUE saves me time spent on administration, and gives me the opportunity to provide ongoing care after the appointment in a way that’s modern, always-on and helps my clients achieve their goals. LEAGUE has transformed my practice, and will transform the future of health.”

Now available across Canada, LEAGUE is actively seeking leading health professionals to join its community and start growing their businesses with like-minded clients focused on their health. LEAGUE, which ran its closed beta program in Toronto, will quickly expand beyond its first city and drive adoption across the country before it becomes available in the United States this summer and internationally later this year. The company is also exploring partnerships with insurers, employers, institutions and will soon be launching API’s for 3rd party developers. Those interested in working with LEAGUE can email partners@joinleague.com.


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