Mobile Innovation Store Brings Customized Shopping Experiences To Dx3

January 31, 2014 Ben Myers
A rendering of the Mobile Innovation Store at Dx3 2014.

A rendering of the Mobile Innovation Store at Dx3 2014.

Are you a Fashionista, Trendsetter or Collector? The answer could have a huge impact on how store associates and fixtures react when you walk in and through a store.

These personas will be the basis for the Mobile Innovation Store at Dx3 2014, where Bluetooth beacons, mobile POS, loyalty apps and dynamic displays will interact differently according to each persona. The store will be stocked with hand bags, wallets and watches from vintage luxury retailer LXR & Co.

When visitors are welcomed at the Mobile Innovation Store, they select a personality containing the shopping history and preferences of one of the three personas (embedded in a Bluetooth enabled iphone):

  • The Fashionista, who demands in-depth knowledge of numerous products.
  • The Collector, who is looking for a deal and he’s not necessarily buying for himself.
  • The Trendsetter, who needs to get products first and is willing to pay a premium in order to get it.

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Using the digital technology in the store, the shopping experience can be customized around these personas in several ways. Montreal-based retail loyalty app-maker Thirdshelf is taking the lead to show off how great retail can be when the shopping experience is tailored for different types of shoppers.

“How does a little guy, that hasn’t spent millions on their store environment and staff, compete effectively with a giant?” asked Thirdshelf’s Antoine Azar “The technology that we’re bringing to the table helps them do that.”

At the heart of the system is Bluetooth Beacon, the low-energy Bluetooth technology that can passively collect data from individual devices and pass that information on to retail technologies built into the store.

“There was a real relationship between you and the retailer. That’s what we can go back to with technology.”

The result is a dynamic mobile shopping experience that not only knows specifically who the customer is, but also which displays they are looking at. That means offers, products and even the displays themselves can be tailored to the customer. Not to mention check-out and receipts are easy as pie.


Like a long-time customer, the personas assigned to visitors of the Mobile Innovation Store have rich data associated with them that allow granular personalization of several retail elements, including in-store displays and the offers pushed to the user’s phones.

E-commerce is growing four times faster than brick-and-mortar retail, and, according to Azar, there’s a lack of understanding in-store compared to the web browser.

“It’s the old-school customer experience.”

“Brick-and-mortar retail is struggling because there is no data,” he said. “You’re struggling to understand what’s going on in the field.”

“On the other hand, online retailers get smart very quickly about what they offer to you and how they tailor and target their offers and promotions in order to maximize conversion. So we’re going to bring that to the physical world and we’re going to do that by using mobile.”

Rather than futuristic, Azar said, the personalized shopping experience is reminiscent of a time when smaller shops would take the time to recognize their best customers.

“It’s the old-school customer experience. They knew your name, they knew your wife, they knew how many kids you have. They understood your preferences and would make informed, relevant recommendations. There was a real relationship between you and the retailer. That’s what we can go back to with technology.”

Thanks to Thirdshelf, associates will have access to the customer’s purchase history and profile so that they know what you might be interested. The idea is to bring the intelligence and agility of eCommerce into brick-and-mortar retail, Azar said.

“When somebody walks into their store, sales associates are going to greet that person on a first-name basis.”

The Mobile Innovation Store will feature technology and software from:

Register for Dx3 2014 for free and get access to the Mobile Innovation Store on the trade show floor and morning keynotes.


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