Pepperjam + prAna: Affiliate Marketing, Does It Really Work?

May 1, 2017 Anne Servidad


Affiliate marketing can seem like a tough and unfruitful journey, unless executed strategically. It’s a marketing channel that’s not new, but it has come a long way from its early days of just sales and couponing sites. It now helps brands achieve their KPIs while providing impressive ROIs with minimal risk.

Rakuten Marketing and Forrester Consulting released a survey to determine and measure the effectiveness of affiliate marketing programs. The study shows that nearly 9 in 10 marketers said affiliate marketing programs were important or very important to their overall marketing strategy and over 80% said they were devoting more than 10% of their budget to affiliate marketing.

Marketers swear by the effectiveness of these programs, but how great are the results?

pepperjam-dx3-pranaPepperjam, a company specialized in performance and digital marketing, worked with prAna to implement affiliate marketing in their overall marketing strategy. Prior to the partnership, prAna didn’t have a full commitment to the program. They were experimenting with other methods and testing which one would be best for their strategy. Being a brand for premium, sustainable clothing and accessories, prAna didn’t want to compromise on brand integrity.

In May of 2016, Pepperjam helped prAna roll out their fully managed affiliate marketing program while maintaining brand standards by amplifying their current efforts and executing it on a larger scale.

After launching, prAna had closed 2016 with big incremental wins:

  • Average of 52% new users within the channel
  • A $24.51 return on investment
  • Over 79% increase against H2 forecast

Affiliate marketing is changing the way marketers are allowing customers to engage with their products. Companies are realizing the impactful results and high incremental gains when it comes to implementing affiliate marketing in their overall strategy. With such a high consumer reach and efficient ROI, what’s stopping you from using affiliate marketing?

Want to learn the secrets behind prAna’s success? Check out the case study or contact us.

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