Retail Collective Produces Interactive, Automated And Analyzed Shopping Experience at Dx3

February 7, 2014 Ben Myers
A rendering of the Retail Collective at Dx3 2014.

A rendering of the Retail Collective at Dx3 2014.

Amazon changed the way most of us shop online, but walking into a store hasn’t gone far beyond picking up a product or trying on an item of clothing, and then waiting in the checkout queue.

Thanks to a few upstart companies, that’s beginning to change. At Dx3 2014, several of these companies will participate in creating an interactive and data-based shopping experience on the show floor called the Retail Collective, presented by MasterCard.

“The physical store is in essence becoming like the web,” said retail consultant and speaker Doug Stephens, who is also Curator of the Retail Collective. “Stores can become as responsive and reactive and proactive as online retailers are and begin to gain some of that advantage.”

Removing barriers from purchase

Collecting visitor data, creating responsive displays and removing barriers to purchase are some of the ways physical stores are catching up to the web. The Retail Collective is the first time that several retail technology providers will collaborate to create one shopping experience.

“So from a retailer standpoint, this is really a golden opportunity to come in and walk through the experience and see how that feels, as opposed to reading about it or watching some promotional video about it,” Stephens said.

The Retail Collective will bring together :

“We’ve been hearing a lot about this stuff… and yet, it’s very difficult to understand the true, tangible impact on customer behaviour unless you’re able to experience these things yourself.”

Walking through the Retail Collective store will demonstrate the possibilities of retail that are available today. In the product area, interaction display tables respond to touch from customers and products, in the clothing area, try on a new shirt in a virtual fitting room mirror. Finally, have clothes delivered to your change room using robotic delivery.

See the analytics

At the end, everyone that walks through the Retail Collective will see the analytics that powered their shopping experience. That data includes how many people are in the store, what products they’re interested in, and how they browsed the store.

“It’s a global first to bring together this disparate group… and actually have them stitch that together into a consistent experience,” Stephens said.

The idea is to provide a customized shopping experience for consumers, and, for retailers, a peek behind the curtain at the analytics that make the experience possible.

The end result is, according to Stephens, “bringing the store forward to become far more responsive, reactive and web-like, and also taking away a lot of the pain points in that experience and making retail just that much more enjoyable.”

The technology exists to compete with digital retailers, and getting up to speed on the latest retail possibilities is the only way to do it. The Retail Collective is a look at how that can be done.

“So now I think the retailers are able to take back some of that ground if they pay attention to these technologies.”

The Retail Collective is curated by Retail Prophet and presented by MasterCard.

Register for Dx3 2014 and see the Retail Collective on  March 5 & 6 for free.


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