Roku 3 Comes To Canada, SourceKnowledge Creates Channel

November 8, 2013 Ben Myers

In Canada, we are often behind the U.S. for our streaming media choices in both hardware and apps. Recently, new hardware options have arrived and at least one Canadian company is working to bring the content.

The third-generation set-top box from Roku – fittingly called the Roku 3 – has been available south of the border since the spring, but only arrived in Canada in mid-September, retailing for around $100.

In July, a report by Consumer Video Devices Market found that Roku controls 21.5% of the set-top box market. Roku’s strength is its partnerships with cable companies to offer common TV channels while Apple and other competitors focus on sending customers to their own content ecosystems.

SourceKnowledge’s Movie Chick Roku channel

Montreal-based video advertising exchange SourceKnowledge hopped on the Roku bandwagon for the first time this week, launching its free Movie Chick movie trailer channel, based on their website of the same name. From their press release:

SourceKnowledge LogoSourceKnowledge’s Movie Chick channel will allow Roku owners to watch movie trailers on their televisions from the comfort of their couches. Trailers for upcoming movies, those playing in theatres, showtime listings and reviews are all available on Movie Chick in the Roku Channel Store. The Movie Chick channel is supported by pre-roll video advertising and is available now free of charge on Roku streaming devices in Canada and the US. Movie Chick is also available online at

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the channel is the ‘See Showtimes near me’ button, which should be useful for checking whether the movie trailer you just watched will be on the big screen tonight.

In an email to the Dx3 Digest, Jason Larocque, Director of Marketing & Digital Media at SourceKnowledge, wrote that the increasing adoption of the Roku is what makes having a channel appealing in order for networks like SourceKnowledge to deliver audiences to advertisers.

“We are very interested in the connected TV space and know that it will be a huge opportunity for advertisers as adoption takes off,” he wrote. “We’re looking at the future of the biggest screen in the house, and we want to be there and offer that to the brands and agencies that we work with.”

Movie Chick also seemed like an easily transferable property for a new channel.

“We already had the movie trailer property online and wanted to move quickly to get something on connected TV. We also wanted to understand the platform and get involved in the community. Movie Chick had already seen some success online and provided the best entry point for us,” Larocque wrote.

SourceKnowledge reaches 9.8 million unique users in Canada and 81 million unique users in the United States, according to ComScore.

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