September’s Best Video Ads Go In Strange New Directions

September 26, 2014 Ben Myers

Corona Extra – Extend The Sunshine

Though this ad was released a few weeks away, it becomes more relevant by the day. As the sun sinks ever-earlier into the west end of town. Zulu Alpha Kilo had the bright idea of redirecting sunlight on the patio at Clinton’s on Bloor Street to extend the optimal beer-drinking time in the name of Corona Extra. And then they had a party.

Subway – Eat Fresh

Put your money where your mouth is. Or in this case, put your vacuum where your food is. This faux street test is nevertheless impressive in its concept. The idea of eating your french fries and ketchup directly off the subway platform is a great way of demonstrating that this steam vacuum does more than push the dirt away. The stunt has garnered 600,000 views on Youtube. I wonder how many views it would have got had they done it for real.

Old Spice Robot’s New Talk Show

Old Spice has taken its hilarious ads in some weird new directions in the past year, but its latest creation doesn’t seem to be getting the love it deserves – in views at least. Their latest campaign involves a humanoid robot, who falls perfectly into the uncanny valley, but land somewhere between weird and adorable. The awkwardly named Fourth And Touchdown is breaking new ground for Old Spice, hauling in football players for strange interviews with the unnamed Robot. Football players are not be the most charismatic on-camera people, so being interviewed by a slow-witted, friendship-seeking android only adds to the comedy.

Instagram Grab A Coupon

The limited nature of Instagram advertising forces creatives to find new ways to interact with their audience. Stop motion has been used on Vine and Instagram since Day 1 (well… since Instagram copied it from Vine), but this campaign from Swedish retailer Ahlens was designed for customers to take screenshots and capture the coupons they wanted to use. To use the coupon, viewers had to post the screenshot to their own instagram and show at the cash when they made their purchase in-store.

President’s Choice Discovery

Food is weird: Cow’s milk, old cheese, honey. For these things to become normalized centuries later, there had to be some original, daring soul to bite in or slurp down. The new campaign is called Discovery, and it attempts to reinforce PC’s pattern of searching out new foods for its customers. In a follow-up video, a PC Product developer explains how they went to South America to find a new kind of olive oil. Filled with rhetorical questions, well-lit spokespeople and colorful foods, the quality of these ads is on par with the latest in cars and tech.

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