2-Hour Shipping Marks New Canadian E-Commerce Era

October 6, 2015 Jessica Thiele



It’s every shoe fanatic’s dreams: absolute instant gratification (and/or perhaps a free pair of really nice Jimmy Choo’s).

When you shop for shoes online, the impulse to buy is rewarded with immediate gratification because you go to the register, pay, and walk out with your prize in hand. But that’s what’s missing in the ecommerce and omni-channel world of today. Oh, the impulse to buy shoes you really don’t need but absolutely must have is still there in spades. It’s the issue of being able to walk away with your prize immediately that’s the catch.

It’s the beginning of the end for terrible shipping experiences in Canada.

We all know the apparent miracles that Amazon Prime must have to work in order to get those packages to us as quickly as they do – never mind the impending drone-pocalypse that I can only guess will be the start of the AI downfall of humanity. But Amazon has never been strong in the clothing and, as an extension, shoes department, no matter how hard they’ve struggled to be.

So what’s a shoe lover to do? to the rescue!

Vancouver’s own is revolutionizing online shoe ordering and delivery with their blistering-fast promise of a 2-hour delivery time. Their press release on this momentous announcement states that they are “the first online retailer to offer on-demand delivery in Canada”.

The competition is heating up

While this is awesome news for shoe fanatics, what does this mean for the rest of us?

For all Canadian consumers, this breakthrough means that we can expect other first-adopters to be following suit in short order. Translation: it’s the beginning of the end for terrible shipping experiences in Canada.

But the implications on other retailers in Canada – both native and foreign – is a bit more ominous.’s 2-hour shipping has officially raised the bar, and with it, consumer expectations. If you’re not going to get on board with on-demand shipping quickly, guess what – you’re going to be left in the dust.

Consumers disappointed with the lack of on-demand shipping options will either not return to your business in the future, or may not even buy at all in the first place. (Canadians, raise your hands: how many of you have gotten all the way through the checkout process only to see that the shipping options are not to your liking and abandon your cart right then and there?)

So take note: this is an early adoption worth noting. Either get on this bandwagon, or stay on the curb.

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