Plans Drone Delivery With New Partnership

September 8, 2015 Ben Myers

This morning, announced its partnership with Drone Delivery Canada with the apparent intention of integrating drones as a potential delivery method.

More details in their release:

Canada’s First Multi-Merchant E-Commerce Marketplace to Pilot Drone Delivery Canada’s Next Generation UAV Logistic Service.

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) a Canadian drone delivery services provider pioneering drone delivery technology in Canada has been selected by SHOP.CA to utilize its drone delivery technology. This relationship will provide next generation UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) logistic services to its Canadian customers

Drone Delivery Canada and SHOP.CA will commence testing and integrating DDC’s drone delivery platform with the existing SHOP.CA logistics framework. DDC’s technology will provide unparalleled, just in time delivery for SHOP.CA customers who desire immediate product delivery.

“This partnership marks a milestone for our company”, said Trevor Newell, President and founder at SHOP.CA. “By Embracing Drone Delivery Canada’s next generation drone technology we are further fortifying our commitment to innovation and adding value to our customers”, added Newell.

“Collectively we will bring a new level of retail experience to Canadian consumers”, said Tony Di Benedetto, CEO at Drone Delivery Canada. “SHOP.CA customers will have increased flexibility to have their orders delivered instantly, utilizing DDC’s next generation drone delivery technology”, added Di Benedetto.

The drone delivery service will be commercially available to customers of SHOP.CA once all necessary government approvals have been obtained.

Drone Delivery Canada’s FAQs answer a couple questions about the viability of getting your next purchase from a drone:

Is It Legal ?
Legislation is currently being drafted in Canada and the United States to legalize commercial drone applications. We anticipate legislation will be enacted in Canada within the next 12-16 months. A number of countries have already legalized this technology and commercial drone applications are underway.

Is It Safe ?
Drones are no different than typical aircraft (planes), they require stringent operating principals and guidelines to ensure safety for all. Drone Delivery Canada is focused on maximizing safety and is hard at work developing redundant and fail safe systems to ensure our technology meets and exceeds all safety guidelines.

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