Sid Lee’s Matt Di Paola Launches the Interactive VR Lab with Dx3 & Partners

January 19, 2017 Eric Mercer


Dx3 has partnered with Sid Lee, Spongelab, Quiver and ThinkingBox to create the Interactive VR Lab, an experience for all attendees on the show floor at Dx3 2017. This lab will showcase examples of how VR technology is being used to disrupt and redefine many industries. Attendees will get to put on a VR headset and dive in each of these experiences.

Not only has VR drastically changed the world of entertainment, it has given us an entirely new way to tell and experience stories. VR eliminates physical limitations and allows us to immerse ourselves in new environments, both realistic and fictional. With this comes the inevitable disruption of some major industries – such as education, retail, and real estate.


Curated by Matt Di Paola (Head of Innovation at Sid Lee), the Interactive VR Lab goes beyond the hype of VR, offering participants the opportunity to explore some examples of how this innovation is being applied to pave the future of education, entertainment, automotive, retail and, of course, storytelling.

  • Sid Lee will debut its VR thriller short-film, showcasing how storytelling will be changed by VR
  • Spongelab will be offering several VR games they’ve developed in the education space, with a focus on teaching the anatomy of the human body
  • Quiver will provide a hyper-realistic VR experience around high performance luxury vehicles
  • ThinkingBox will have VR product demonstration for a luxury aircraft that hasn’t been built yet, giving us an example of how businesses can launch products through VR

With so much to see and experience, be sure to stop by the Interactive VR Lab when you come to Dx3!

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