Simple Smart Buttons Delivering Power Of Apps Without A Phone

June 11, 2015 Ben Myers

In 2015, smartphones aren’t just smart, they’re needy.

With news alerts, push notifications and emails constantly begging for attention, iPhones have become more like a Tamogotchi than a communication tool.

That’s why a wave of simple phone- or wifi-connected smart buttons are such a compelling idea for people who are obsessed (or grudgingly addicted) to their phones.

Flic is one such smart button that connects with your phone and its apps to let you perform simple tasks that might require your phone, with just a touch of a colourful, loonie-sized button.

“Imagine if you didn’t have to get your phone out for every little thing…” begins their video, perfectly summarizing the value of these buttons while simultaneously defining ‘first-world problem’.

Flic is hardly the first, but it seems to be the buzz leader for these buttons since the company began taking pre-orders.

Amazon dash button

The Amazon Dash button makes online orders with a press of a button.

Flic’s video also does a great job of demonstrating how these buttons would fit in with your daily routine: buttons that can be placed around the house, in the office, on your body or on a vehicle, that are dedicated to just one task or series of tasks. You can turn on music, send a text message, place an online order, take a picture, or order a taxi, for a few examples.

Amazon has been working with this concept for a couple years, releasing the Dash button earlier this year and Dash remote in 2014 for groceries. There’s no screen to interface with. In fact, the Dash button has the product it orders right on it.

In Panama City, similar buttons are being used to tweet at the government when a pothole is run over by a car.

We’ve seen more and more ways that phones and apps can integrate with other devices, connect us with other people, and accomplish tasks.

The more you think about it, the more compelling it becomes. It’s about time that we leave the phone out of the equation and get simple tasks done without the glowing screen and the distracting notifications.

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