Speeding Up Canadian Social Media – Julie Sheldon in the AOL Conversation Studio

July 28, 2014 Ben Myers

Social media managers walk a fine line between saying and doing things to get attention, but making sure they get the right kind of attention. Innumerable cases have shown that Twitter hoards are ready to name and shame any company that makes an off-colour comment.

Julie Sheldon of Mosaic knows that taking risks is the name of the game on social. Understandably, legal departments prefer to be cautious.

She says “figuring out how to get past our legal departments” should be a goal for Canadians who work in social media. Being more spontaneous and reactive in a creative way, as demonstrated by innovative real-time marketing, is the best way to go viral.

“We create a great piece of content that we can’t release for 10 days,” Sheldon says.

Watch more AOL Conversation Studio videos at The Huffington Post.

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