The Intrapreneur Alliance Meetup #1: The User. The Business. The Competition. The Technology.

November 11, 2016 Kali Gieben


Providing a roadmap for Intrapreneurial Success through deconstructing the user, business, competitive and the technology environments  needed for Intraprenuers to succeed, the Intrapreneur Alliance Meetup Series will deliver quarterly panels that promise an exclusive evening of conversation, networking and drinks with your fellow corporate innovators.


First up, a look at; The User Perspective: How to instill Customer Empathy in your Organization. [November 16th, 2016 @ 6:00PM].

Not all ideas and products and ideas we work on within our respective organizations are the incredible and flawless experiences that we imagined at the project’s inception. The end result…..a product that’s reflective of our obstacles rather than our empathy for our customers. This panel will articulate how to instill customer empathy within your respective organizations and what it means to build ideas around it.

Why This Matters

While the media is often very quick to report on the last round of funding by the latest and greatest startup, intrapreneurs are often left out of the limelight, despite the massive risks they take on a daily basis. The Intrapreneur Alliance, through multiple components-including these Meetups and the Intrapreneur Alliance Journal-was created to celebrate the innovators, risk-takers and change agents that are building the products of the future within large organizations.

If you are a Marketing, Innovation, or Technology professional, join The Intrapreneur Alliance Meetup and RSVP for the first event by clicking here.

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