The Sweet, Simple Advantages Of SMS Marketing

March 5, 2015 Ben Myers

Do you take a long sigh every time your inbox dings with a new email?

The success of messaging applications and group texting in our everyday lives speaks to the fact that most emails are the opposite of good communication: bloated and difficult to act on. Most emails are useful information wrapped in poor packaging. Worse, email might lead to a site that isn’t optimized for your phone (where almost 50% of emails are opened).

Mobile solution and technology company MobileXCo knows that email can be ineffective for B2C marketers, while quick, easy-to-read messages are increasingly popular. They’re simplifying the process of adding a mobile extension to any consumer touch point (online or offline) and specialize in delivering simple, targeted messages to consumers.

“The beauty of our solution is in its simplicity. We use technology that is familiar and accessible to everyone with a smart phone,” says Peter Pinfold, co-founder and CMO of MobileXCo. “We’re leveraging the most fundamental aspects of a smart phone in an intelligent and measurable way to help our clients meet their business objectives,” Pinfold says.

“The beauty of our solution is in its simplicity.”

There’s no app to install. MobileXCo uses a combination of text messaging, mobile-optimized websites and behaviour data to track engagement and intelligently segment their clients’ customers for on going communication purposes.

“Everyone’s talking about Big Data, we’re really about small data,” says Pinfold. “We capture one consumer at a time and track their journey from first impression through to purchase.”

Mobile devices are now the top source of internet traffic, and there’s rarely a moment that goes by when a customer’s phone isn’t nearby, whether they’re watching TV at home, on the train or at work.

MobileXCo can track the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns down to the individual customer level – right through to purchase. And they do it without the needs to download an app, install special software or acquire new hardware.

MobileXCo's Applebee's SMS Marketing implementation.

MobileXCo’s Applebee’s SMS Marketing implementation.

MobileXCo and Applebee’s recently teamed up to show how effective text messaging can be, with the proper sweet dessert incentive, of course. Applebee’s wanted its customers to try their new menu and build a personal marketing channel for each customer. MobileXCo recommended using their proprietary mobile coupon technology.

“What makes us special is we can track consumer actions from the very first point of engagement,” Pinfold says. In other words, as soon as the customer requests a coupon, the marketing relationship begins.

For Applebee’s free dessert promotion, that required the purchase of an entrée to be eligible for use, the MobileXCo approach was incredibly effective, with a 29% redemption rate.

Using their technology in this way, brands can track when and where consumers engage with their ads, social campaigns and any other marketing activities, right through to a transaction at retail.

The relationship doesn’t end there. Customers can opt-in to receive future offers, alerts and reminders. MobileXCo will tie all future actions, at the individual subscriber level, back to the initial experience. This serves to identify which levers perform best long term.

“We’ll continue to measure how consumers engage with these experiences,” Pinfold says.

As Applebee’s has discovered, simple, smart, mobile-based marketing messages could be the antidote to messy and mounting email marketing problems. And it certainly doesn’t hurt to put some chocolate cake behind the effort.

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