Toronto Leads Canada For Startup Hiring

November 11, 2013 Ben Myers

Canada’s top 150 startups were analyzed this month by job-listing search engine, finding that 29% of advertised startup jobs are being hired in Toronto. Following Toronto, Vancouver (24%) and Ottawa (13%) were top cities for startup hiring.

Hootsuite is looking for the most new hires at its Vancouver office with 56 open positions being advertised. Coming in at second is Shopify, looking to hire 45 people in Ottawa. All other startups in this study are looking for 19 or fewer people at each of their offices.

Other key findings from the report:

  • Best & Worst Provinces – Last year’s 57,894 (StatsCan) Computer Science & IT graduates (and aspiring entrepreneurs) should direct their job search at Ontario where there are more startup jobs than anywhere else in the country. New Brunswick has the fewest jobs, with just four.
  • Top Cities – Toronto comes first in our study with 371 startup jobs. Vancouver comes second with 308, while Ottawa, with 161 jobs listed, takes third place from Montreal by just under 20 jobs.
  • Most in demand skills - Web Developers are the most in demand among Canadian startups with 49% of vacancies looking for web developers and software engineers. Operations roles (Account Management, Customer Support & Others) account for 26% of the jobs, while Marketers (11%) and Designers and Sales (7% each) make up the rest of the vacancies.
  • Salary or equity? – Startups pay less and find it difficult to compete with large banks and other well-paying organisations with IT requirements, but they make up for this with stock with almost half of the developer jobs surveyed offering equity.
  • Top Industries & Products – the hottest product category is Social Media with 19% of the jobs, followed by e-Commerce (10.7%) and Mobile (9.34%). The fewest number of jobs come from Education and Music startups, each under 1%.
  • A new wave of job ad language – The swell in startup jobs being advertised has brought with it new, quirky language used in job ads. 36 company ads are looking for “Wizards”, 12 for “Legends” and 58 are desperate to find a tech “Guru”. Employers are also seeking 6 “Ninjas”, 5 “Super heroes” and 24 “Rockstars”.

Adzuna report table shows top hiring offices in Canada in November 2013.

adzuna-top-startup hiring categories

Advertising at all Canadian startups has increased 35% compared to six months ago.

Download the full report here.

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