Trend Alert: Buy Buttons are The Future, Today

October 8, 2015 Jessica Thiele



A few weeks back, I attended a session hosted by Canada’s very own posterchild for success: Shopify. Gotta love Shopify, what with their IPO and stock doing amazingly well, and their announcement on their integration with Amazon driving stock prices even higher.

In this session (you can view the actual presentation given by Craig Miller, CMO at Shopify, here), the audience was told all about the cycle of growth tactic effectiveness. I guarantee you already know about this theory: it’s all about early adopters reaping the advantages of using a new tactic.

For example, Jimmy down the street is the first one on the street to have a new toy. Jimmy is extremely popular at this point. But when everyone else gets the same toy, the toy (and maybe even Jimmy) ceases to be so special anymore. (But Jimmy’s a smart kid, and has already moved on to the next ‘it’ toy by this point.)

Craig Miller uses the cycle of growth tactic effectiveness to illustrate what the next big tactic will be – AKA, the one we should all be taking note of and using before all the neighbourhood kids catch wind. What is this miracle tactic? Buy Buttons.

Shopify of course offers buy buttons; you may have also noticed them on Facebook or Instagram.

Why are they the next big thing? You have to think about the buyer’s journey.

In my post last week, I talked about how is revolutionizing the shipping game with their instant-gratification model of shipping your shoes to you within 2 hours of ordering. Buy buttons work on the same premise: immediate gratification.

The concept of buy buttons is simple: you load your payment and shipping credentials into a secure platform like Shopify once. Once, and forget about it. Then you find yourself scrolling through Insta, and notice that your friend Kelly took a great snap of her awesome purse. You have to have it now (can’t let Kelly have a one-up on your fashion game, after all). What’s that in the corner of Kelly’s Instagram? A Shopify buy button. You click ‘Buy Now’. And your purse is now on it’s way to your hands so you can continue to keep your fashion game tight.

Craig Miller absolutely believes this is the next big thing for businesses, B2B and B2C alike. In his presentation, he said that the early adopters of this technology will be the ones to reap the early (and possibly ongoing) benefits. He also believes that by Christmas of this year, buy buttons will be everywhere. It’s the next competitive advantage that you really should consider using, even if you are B2B and don’t traditionally sell anything. Hell, we all have corporate swag – put that up on your site! It definitely can’t hurt if nothing comes of it – but think about if it turns out to be something good, and you missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a difference maker, sometime that you can really capitalize on and reap the rewards from, look into buy buttons. I assure you, you will not regret it.

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