TTC App Puts Day Pass On Your iOS & Android Phones

July 8, 2015 Ben Myers

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) today showed off its new app that allows its customers to buy and use day passes directly on their phone.

The app, called TTCconnect, will collect your credit card information in order to make the purchase. The steps seem simple enough, according to the app’s description:

  • Download the TTCconnect app for iOS or Android.
  • Click on “Buy Tickets,” then add your purchase.
  • You will be prompted to confirm your selection to continue, then select “Purchase Tickets.”
  • You’ll be asked to sign in with Facebook, Google or email to create an account.
  • You’ll be prompted to confirm your purchase and then asked to add your credit card information.
  • For increased security you can set a PIN, or you can continue to complete the purchase without.
  • Your purchased tickets will appear in “Use Tickets” and can be selected for activation.

It’s a step in the right direction for the TTC, which only recently adopted interac for buying tokens at all of its major transit hubs.

Other cities are leaps and bounds ahead of Toronto in technological adoption for public transit. Chicago, for instance, has several ways of paying transit fares using its Ventra system (though an app only coming later this year), including simply tapping a credit card to pay when you board.

Some will speculate that the TTC app was completed with an eye on the Pan-Am games, which officially opened yesterday.

The GO commuter train uses a system called Presto, created by Metrolinx, an agency of the government of Ontario. Presto cards are loaded primarily through an online system that accepts recurring credit card or debit payments.

Presto is used 10 provincial and municipal transit agencies in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) and on Ottawa public transit buses and the O-train.

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