Using Your April Fool’s Day Joke To Sell Your Brand

April 1, 2015 Ben Myers
Uberflip's April Fool's Day Apple Watch app.

Uberflip’s April Fool’s Day Apple Watch app.

April Fool’s Day must be a brand marketer’s favourite day of the year. Finally, a time to cast off questions about return-on-investment and instead just do something funny for its own sake.

Well… why not both?

Content marketing platform Uberflip took the plunge with their Uberflip for Apple Watch announcement. A cursory glance at the page certainly makes it look plausible. The interface illustrates how it might work and the gif makes it look like some serious work has gone into the product.

It doesn’t hurt that all sorts of brands seem to be jumping on the Apple Watch bandwagon before the product hits consumers later this month.

Braveen Kumar, Content Marketing Specialist at Uberflip, was part of the team behind the gag. He says that some thought and strategy goes into a post like this, but advises other companies not to overthink the “awareness play” that April 1 brings.

Align the joke with the brand

Uberflip for Apple watch gifWhen a visitor lingers on the Uberflip for Apple Watch page for 10 seconds, a pop-up lets them in on the joke and asks for their information to learn more about Uberflip’s (real) content marketing abilities.

“We tried to align [the joke] as much as possible with what our brand is actually about,” he told the Dx3 Digest.

Creating a convincing product announcement took about as much time as any other piece of content, Kumar says, involving a designer, writer and editor dedicating their skills to the article. Then, Uberflip put their content marketing might behind the post to insure that as many people as possible would see it.

Ideas for an Uberflip April Fool’s Day joke were first tossed around weeks ago at the company’s monthly content meeting.

“If we didn’t come up with something good, we probably wouldn’t have done it at all,” Kumar says.

The joke had the added bonus of showcasing the fact that Uberflip hubs look pretty good on all sizes of screens.

“People who didn’t get it right away, they [came to us] and said, ‘What if you did actually do this?’,” Kumar says.

Kumar also recommends some reading-up on hyperbole and satire so you’re not caught creating a joke article that will be misleading or reflect poorly on your brand.

The only day for fake announcements

As for timing: Yes, Kumar says, this is the only day of the year you can publish false information about your company.

Brands also need to be careful making announcements in the days surrounding April Fool’s Day.

Amazon’s real-world buy button, Dash, announced on March 31, left many confused as to whether it was real.

“If we published this yesterday, it wouldn’t be much of a joke,” Kumar says. “It’s missing the point of topical content.”

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