What Retailers Need To Know About Dx3

December 10, 2013 Ben Myers

We’ve heard the statistics ad nauseam, but we know that they don’t tell the whole story.

According to the BDC, only 17% of Canadian businesses sell online; 20% of companies with more than 10 employees don’t even have a website. But 84% of Canadians have internet access and 50% have a smartphone. So what gives?

Sharing experience and expertise

The rest of the story is that many Canadian businesses are treading the path toward a more digitally connected nation. Just look around. For businesses that have embraced digital commerce models, there is an ever-increasing revenue source waiting to be tapped into. Dx3 is where digital business leaders share their experience and expertise, and where others can benefit from it.

They have the wisdom and connections needed to jumpstart the rest of the Canadian business community. Dx3 attendees, speakers and panellists have a variety of experience: marketing, advertising, digital in-store technology, eCommerce, order management and shipping to name just a handful.

If you’re looking to learn from Canada’s business leaders and see what comes next for both online stores and retail locations, Dx3 2014 is where you will find them.

Just look what these leading digital businesses have said at Dx3:

Matt Bertulli – Demac Media

Lisa Delorme – Rent frock Repeat

Drew Green – Shop.ca

Darrell MacMullin – Paypal Canada

The possibilities of digital retailing should now be filling your mind. Come to Dx3 to learn more.

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