Why The 5 Things? Our New Approach To Content At Dx3

December 9, 2013 Ben Myers

Dx3 2014 5 Things Sessions

When our attendees walk away from Dx3 2014 in March, we want them to be educated, inspired and excited about how they can take their digital business to the next level. With that goal in mind, we re-thought our approach to content to ensure that everyone that attends Dx3 leaves the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with ideas and skills that are relevant, easy to understand and practical to implement.

Ideas and skills that are relevant, easy to understand and practical to implement.

That’s why we’re introducing The Dx3 5 Things Sessions. Each session will focus on the five things that you can do to improve your business related to a particular topic, as presented by one of our fantastic Dx3 speakers from Canada’s top digital brands and agencies.

More than five things, and concepts can be become too complex and hard to remember while taking in several sessions in a single day. Less than five, and you risk being less thorough than necessary.

To provide our attendees with a width breadth of material, we chose the following streams for our content:

  • Retail & Commerce – Disruptive business models and customer behaviours have changed retail. We’ll show you the future and what you can do today to adapt.

  • Social & Platforms – Learn about the new approaches and tools being used to recruit and satisfy customers on a daily basis.

  • Mobile – Everything is on your phone. The opportunities and challenges are startling. Here’s your guide to dealing with the mobile revolution.

  • Advertising & Media – The industry is under constant pressure to adapt. New metrics and ad spaces are being created. Adaptation is just the beginning. Reinvention is where we’re going.

  • Content – Competing in the content game is getting harder as more brands jump on board. Learn how to stay at the front of the pack.

  • Data & Intelligence – Data collection and analysis helps brands and agencies better understand customers. They dictate what you do, so you should probably know them better.

With The 5 Things Sessions in mind, here are 5 things you should know about Dx3:

  1. It’s simple.

  2. It’s practical.

  3. It’s engaging.

  4. It’s experiential.

  5. It’s about getting down to business.

Registration for Dx3 2014 March 5 & 6 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre is now open. Learn more about the The Dx3 5 Things Sessions.

Click to see more Dx3 5 Things Session content.

Click to see more Dx3 5 Things Session content.

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