x5: Canada Goose’s US Performance, YouTube Ad Changes & More

February 21, 2017 Saurabh Ananth



The United States is now Canada Goose’s biggest market

Canada Goose have been slowly expanding into the US northeast. With colder temperatures and a more affluent audience, the retailer been able to triple its sales in the United States between 2014 and 2016.

Why This Matters

With Canada Goose’s IPO fast-approaching, its performance in the US will help them justify a higher price per share. The company’s expansion efforts show no signs of slowing down. A strong IPO will only help them further expand into new markets around the US and possibly Europe.


Apple Music to put out original video content

Apple is looking to put out more original TV like Planet of the Apps, a reality pitch show and Carpool Karaoke, based off James Corden’s series for the Late Late Show. These aren’t meant to be Netflix or Amazon competitors but to provide more unscripted short entertainment pieces.

Why This Matters

This shows even more intent from distributors to go out and create content of their own. Netflix started the trend with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Both shows achieved critical acclaim and have helped boost Netflix’s reputation for putting out great original content. For Apple, they hope these shows will attract more subscribers to Apple Music.


Saks Fifth Canada sees huge first year growth

Saks Fifth Avenue, owned by the Hudson’s Bay Company, has just completed its first year of operating in Canada and they have been growing fast. The luxury retailer’s flagship store is in downtown Toronto with a few offshoots, including Saks Fifth Off 5th—a discount version of the store—in suburban communities around the Greater Toronto Area.

Why This Matters

Saks is one of just a few luxury brands American entering the Canadian market over the last few years. These companies are taking those lessons from Target’s poor experience and are applying them to more cautious and strategic openings north of the border. HBC’s knowledge of the Canadian market has definitely helped Saks make an impact. Other companies opening new stores could benefit from partnering with Canadian retailers and continue to succeed.


Facebook trying to bring copyrighted music to videos

Facebook has been working with record labels for the last few years. Initially, people thought that it was trying to compete with the likes of Spotify and put out its own music streaming service but that’s not the case. Instead, Facebook is looking to strike a deal that would allow licensed music to be used on user-generated videos.

Why This Matters

Video has become such a big part of Facebook’s draw that this would allow people to be more creative with their videos and get more content out onto the platform. YouTube has a similar system in place with artists, giving them the option to gain a portion of revenue made from videos using its music. If Facebook is able to strike a deal, it would help boost the amount of videos being created and consumed per day. With a similar compensation system in place, this could also help musicians gain more exposure and an additional revenue stream.


YouTube removing unskippable 30 second ads

YouTube is trying to make the user experience more frictionless by removing unskippable 30-second pre-rolls. Some of the shorter unskippable ads will remain but YouTube aims to stop support for longer formats by 2018.

Why This Matters

For advertisers, this means that they can’t just re-use their 30-second TV spots. They’ll need to create content that is more appropriate to the platform and be able to capture consumer attention in just a few seconds.


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