x5: CNN Buys Beme and Netflix Goes Offline

December 5, 2016 Eric Mercer



CNN buys Beme

CNN recently announced that it would be purchasing Beme, a social media app built by YouTube star Casey Neistat. Neistat has nearly 6 million subscribers on YouTube, with video views hitting at 22 million.

Why This Matters

Neistat has had remarkable success in creating videos and connecting with today’s most coveted audience: millennials. This is something that larger news networks like CNN struggle with. CNN’s purchase of Beme is an example of a large corporation buying its way into innovation to reach a younger audience. CNN will be shutting the Beme app down and integrating Neistat into the publishing arm of the organization, with the aim of bringing his authentic approach into its programming.


MIT creates wireless system For VR headsets

The system is called “MoVR” and comes from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). The system uses millimetre wave technology, similar to what 5G wireless will use, in order to transfer large amounts of data extremely quickly. This is to allow for a wireless VR experience that doesn’t compromise on graphics or processing power and speed.

Why This Matters

VR is all about creating an immersive experience that replaces the real world around us. One of the biggest drawbacks to current VR tech is the massive cable attached to the back of your head when you use a headset. Providing a wireless option that is able to match the data processing of the current wired system would open up development significantly. We should start to see VR programs that are more focused on users’ physical movement in larger spaces soon.


Sephora to offer gift cards via social media

Sephora has expanded its partnership with CashStar, a gift card platform, to include gift card delivery via social media. This will allow them to reward loyal customers or those with customer service issues with gift cards directly through  the same channel that the customer initially interacts on. For example, a consumer tweets about a bad experience and Sephora tweets back with a link to a gift card.

Why This Matters

Sephora has been well known for embracing and implementing new technology far ahead of its peers. This system allows them to engage with its consumers more effectively, it will also save them money. Sephora is setting the new norm for what consumers will expect from customer service in the near future.


Patagonia hits record Black Friday sales, donates it all

This Black Friday, Patagonia sold $10 million in sales, way ahead of the $2 million estimate going into the day. As promised, the company will be donating all of the proceeds (yes, $10 million) towards environmental groups and charities.

Why This Matters

$10 million is a lot of sales, but also a very large donation to help save the planet. This has been a huge part of Patagonia’s identity since day one. This Black Friday initiative was a bold move, but it’s looking like it will pay off in customer loyalty. The company has stated that this initiative drew thousands of first-time customers to Patagonia, and they’re likely here to stay. This is a great example of a company that deeply understands its customers and what matters to them, and then aligns that with its brand identity and stays consistent.


Netflix goes offline

Last week, Netflix announced that it will now offer a feature that allows users to download and watch content offline. Not all content is currently downloadable, but Netflix says that much more will become available in the coming months.

Why This Matters

With the recent announcement of competitive video streaming services expanding (e.g. Amazon Prime TV), Netflix had to make a move to strengthen its position. Offline downloading isn’t a new concept, and comes standard on pretty much all music streaming apps. The difference here is that this is a big opportunity for Netflix to push its original content to users, which it makes available in full batches. Taking a long flight for business or vacation? How about watching half a season of Narcos or The Crown?


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