x5: Estee Lauder Acquires Too Faced and Amazon Prime Video Goes Global

November 21, 2016 Eric Mercer


Chinese streaming service to pay $700M for English Premier League

PPTV currently streams Spain’s La Liga in China. The contract would span 3 years, from 2019 to 2022. According to TechCrunch, the bid is more than 10 times higher than what Super Sports Media Group currently pays to broadcast in China.

Why This Matters

The last few years have made way to the trend of live streaming popular events, such as the Olympics, major concerts or awards ceremonies, and most recently – the US Presidential Election Debates. The advantages of live streaming are the ability to serve up ads to different groups of consumers watching and the ability to measure results much better than traditional TV. This may be an early signal of moves to come, much like this one, in North America from companies like Verizon/Yahoo/Aol with sports leagues such as the NFL or the MLB.



Amazon Prime Video is going global

As of November 18, Amazon’s original show “The Grand Tour” became available to users in the US, Austria, the UK, Germany, and Japan. The show is a remake of the BBC’s Top Gear, which has been one of the most watched television programs in history. Last week, Amazon announced that the show would become available worldwide (in over 200 countries) in December of this year. It’s unclear as to which other shows will become available worldwide at this time.

Why This Matters

Amazon could pose a serious threat to Netflix, HBO, and many other content creating streaming services around the world. With a per-episode budget of nearly 8 times that of BBC’s Top Gear, The Grand Tour could skyrocket to the same highly viewed status that Top Gear once held. Amazon is also offering other subscription services under the Amazon Prime banner, such as Amazon Prime Music. With the ecosystem that it’s built with the Echo and Alexa, it may be cheaper for families in the near future to switch their entire multimedia purchases over to Amazon – which is bad news for the likes of Netflix and others.



Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity approved by shareholders

This was a major obstacle in the mission to acquire SolarCity. 85% of Tesla shareholders voted in favour of the deal going through, which should be complete this year.

Why This Matters

The goal for merging these two companies has always been to create one organization that covers all aspects of renewable energy. Elon Musk plans to create an environment in which there is more global demand for home power storage solutions, like the Tesla Powerwall, than there is for Tesla vehicles. This acquisition brings us one step closer to that vision – which, if realized, could have massive impacts on the global energy industry.

(Solar City) IT16_solar_072016_company Solar panel installation at Davis Monthan Air Force Base, in Albuquerque, New Mexico With the Monzano mountains in the background


Apple exploring manufacturing iPhones in the US

In an exclusive report made last week by Japanese newspaper Nikkie, it was revealed that Apple asked two of it’s largest iPhone assemblers to look into moving manufacturing into the US. Foxconn, one of those suppliers, is reportedly assessing the possibility. This request was based on the proposed foreign trade policies put forward by President-elect Donald Trump.

Why This Matters

Firstly, this move shows that major American corporations are taking the campaign promises of Donald Trump quite seriously. The major concern here is what the net effect of this move will be on the American economy. Will iPhones become significantly more expensive to cover the cost of more expensive American-based operations? Or will Apple seek to develop AI and Automated factories like Adidas has, thereby not “bringing back American jobs” in any significant way?



Estee Lauder to purchase Too Faced for $1.45B

This is the company’s largest ever deal. The move is to add several collections from the Too Faced portfolio that are popular with millennials.

Why This Matters

This is the third time in 2016 that we’ve seen a major player in CPG make a massive acquisition of a business more popular with millennials (see Dollar Shave Club and Jet.com). This pattern leads one to believe that the new norm is for large companies to simply buy innovation through acquisitions. What is yet to be seen is how well these large companies integrate their new acquisitions and strengthen them, and what affect that will have to the bottom line.


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